RED: Feature Highlights

Centralized Payment Processing

Single point-of-entry for all wires, internal transfers, and check payments.

Aggregates Payment Information

Aggregates all information related to a cash transaction, including approvals, signatures, comments and discussion, support documentation, bank or FED tracing numbers, accounting ledger entries, and transaction change history. Thus, this system becomes a one-stop-shopping for cash audit purposes.

Simplify Multi-tiered Payments

Executing multi-tiered payments between controlled affiliates can be manually-intensive and error-prone. The platform automates such transactions by leveraging the legal entity ownership structure. The structure is further leveraged to add systematic controls of money transfers between funds and affiliates.

Flexible Workflow and Systematic Controls

Manual processes are inefficient, error-prone, and lack clear audit trails. Instead, convert them into standardized, repeatable system-based workflows with strict control points. Customize the workflows for approving payments, structuring new investments and forming new legal entities.

Web and Mobile

Intuitive web and mobile interfaces delivered from the cloud or an internally-hosted environment.